Mix ’n match: Create Your Perfect Wardrobe

At Lundia, we believe your wardrobe should be as unique as your personal style. That’s why we offer the Lundia wardrobe, which provides endless possibilities for storing all your clothes. Whether you prefer a wall with hanging rails and drawers or dream of a luxurious walk-in closet, our modular system makes it all possible.

Design Your Own Wardrobe

With our easy-to-use configurator, you have the power to design your ideal wardrobe. Choose the dimensions, components, and colors that suit your taste and needs.

Start with a Sample Design and Customize

To help you get started, we offer a range of sample designs. Select one that catches your eye and further customize it to make it uniquely yours.

Discover the Perfect Wardrobe Options:

Wardrobe cabinet with a hanging rod and shelves

Basic wardrobe cabinet 228 high – 104 wide – 60 deep

Wardrobe with everything you need

Wardrobe in the color misty gray with 2 hanging rods and 4 drawers 228 high – 164 wide – 60 deep

Single-person wardrobe

Wardrobe cabinet in “the Hague blue” with 2 drawers, a hanging rod, and a shelf.

Wardrobe for a walk-in closet

Open wardrobe with 2 hanging rods and shelves 248 high – 255 wide – 60 deep

Open wardrobe

Open wardrobe with 2 drawers 208 high – 134 wide – 60 deep

Wardrobe cabinet for your hallway

Wardrobe cabinet with an open compartment for hanging coats 248 high – 184 wide – 60 deep

Design your dream cabinet

Bring your ideal Lundia cabinet to life in a few simple steps. The possibilities are endless! It’s easy, customized, and available for direct ordering!

Wardrobe Modules: The Building Blocks of Organization

A solid foundation is crucial when it comes to storage. Our Original modules provide just that.

Order Wardrobe Modules directly!

Get Inspired

Discover stunning examples of realized Lundia wardrobes to spark your imagination. If you’re looking for more inspiration, browse through the cabinets we’ve created for our satisfied customers’ homes.

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Get expert assistance

Prefer personalized guidance? Book a free consultation with Wouter, our cabinet expert. During the digital appointment, Wouter will collaborate with you in real-time, creating a customized design that aligns with your vision. Schedule your online appointment now!

Unlock the Endless Possibilities

We take pride in making countless Lundia customers happy with their self-designed wardrobes. Our commitment to flexibility ensures that you have complete control over how your wardrobe is organized. Create the perfect storage solution for all your clothes by selecting from a variety of options, including doors (sliding doors, hinged doors, or glass doors), shelves, hanging rails, storage compartments, and even pull-out shelves. Enhance your wardrobe further with our accessories, where you can choose your own handles or add lighting to shelves.

If you need advice or guidance, don’t hesitate to schedule a free online appointment with our wardrobe expert. Together, we’ll bring your perfect wardrobe to life.