Lundia Original kastconfigurator

Design Your Perfect Cabinet with Ease! Customize the color, size, and style of your wardrobe, bookcase or cabinet using our configurator. Create a storage solution that is perfectly tailored to your preferences and living space.

  • Choose from 20 different colors
  •  See a live 3D preview of your design
  • Enjoy a lifetime warranty on your wardrobe
  • Instantly design and visualize your own wardrobe

Designing Your Dream Wardrobe, Step by Step!

Begin the design process with the basics. The Lundia configurator provides a diverse selection of dimensions, allowing you to create a cabinet that perfectly fits the height, depth, and width requirements of your living situation.

Step 1: Select the Size

In the Lundia Original configurator, you have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of dimensions for your shelving solution, including:

  • 11 different height options
  • 3 different depth options
  • 3 different width options

Furthermore, you can expand the width of your wardrobe by adding up to 6 elements, with the ability to individually set the width for each element. This allows you to fill an entire wall at home with Lundia Original.

Step 2: Add Components

After selecting the right dimensions, the real design process of your dream wardrobe begins! With our wide range of components, you can create virtually any type of cabinet.

See a component that you’d like to add? Simply drag the component to the desired location in the cabinet. You can immediately choose the right spot for the component.

Want to move a component to a different location? Or perhaps remove a component entirely? Click on the respective component to make the necessary adjustments.

Step 3: Choose color

In the Lundia Original configurator, you have a choice of up to 20 different colors. Just like with the components, all you need to do is drag the color onto your design. The configurator instantly adjusts the colors in real time!

You can also combine colors. Drag the color onto specific components to customize their colors.

By default, the classic ‘natural wood’ color is selected. This is the original wood color with a protective lacquer coating.

In addition to the natural wood color, there are various transparent and opaque colors to choose from. These colors are carefully sprayed onto the components, then dried and finally protected for packaging.

Step 4: Order Your Wardrobe

Once you’re completely satisfied, you can add your finished design to your shopping cart with just one click. The Lundia Original configurator is designed to minimize the chances of design errors. However, for added assurance, one of our experts always reviews the design before it is delivered to your doorstep. This way, you won’t encounter any unwanted surprises during the assembly of your self-designed wardrobe!

If you have any questions during the design process or if you’re not entirely satisfied with your final design, you can save your design with just one click. Save the code you receive! This will allow you to retrieve your design later.

Already have a design in mind? Click here to go directly to the online wardrobe configurator.


Get expert assistance

Prefer personalized guidance? Book a free consultation with Wouter, our cabinet expert. During the digital appointment, Wouter will collaborate with you in real-time, creating a customized design that aligns with your vision. Schedule your online appointment now!

Design Your Unique cabinet

Looking for a new wardrobe or bookcase? The Lundia configurator provides the ideal solution. Build your cabinet according to your exact preferences, incorporating shelves, drawers, and doors.

Pro Tip: Explore the “accessories” section in the configurator to discover the Lundia clothing rod. Attach this rod under a shelf to complete your wardrobe!

To help you get started, we have already designed a wardrobe for your convenience. With just one click, open the design displayed in the photo. Visualize it in 3D and customize or expand it to your heart’s desire.

Design Your Own Bookcase

Unleash your creativity by designing your own bookcase with the Lundia Original wardrobe configurator. Visit the configurator now and embark on creating the perfect bookcase.

For your convenience, we have also pre-designed a bookcase. Simply click the button and open the design showcased in the photo. Explore it in 3D and customize or expand it to suit your preferences.

Design your dream cabinet

Bring your ideal Lundia cabinet to life in a few simple steps. The possibilities are endless! It’s easy, customized, and available for direct ordering!

Design Your Personalized Chest of Drawers

Utilize the Lundia Original configurator to design your very own chest of drawers. Begin the design process now and create a chest of drawers that perfectly aligns with your vision.

To help you get started, we have already designed a chest of drawers. Click the button and open the design presented in the photo. Visualize it in 3D and customize or expand it as per your requirements.

Design Your Ideal office set up

In search of a desk cabinet combination for your home office? Look no further than the Lundia configurator. With an extensive range of components, including desks and drawers, you can design the perfect solution for your home workspace.

To assist you, we have already designed combination ready for your office. Click the button to open the design featured in the photo. Observe it in 3D and customize or expand it to meet your preferences.