GENERAL CONDITIONS – CBW APPROVED* is a CBW Approved webshop. Buying from a CBW Approved webshop offers benefits, but above all, it offers security. Special general conditions have been established for CBW Approved stores and webshops to provide you as a consumer with extra protection. All protective rules regarding (pre)payments, cancellations, delivery times, delivery, transportation, and warranty are outlined in the CBW Approved conditions.

In short, the CBW Approval offers you as a consumer:

More guarantees after your purchase (even lifelong with us)
Fair prepayment arrangement
Impartial complaint handling


At Lundia Original, we believe in our products. Lundia Original doesn’t bend, regardless of the weight on the shelves. For this reason, we offer a lifelong guarantee on the construction, provided normal use. User damage is not covered under this warranty.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

*Please note for purposes of legal and other compliance issues, the version to be used is the original Dutch version. The English version is only a translation for reference.