Lundia bookcases: STURDY AND FLEXIBLE

Discover the Lundia Bookcase, renowned in the Netherlands for over 30 years, offering unparalleled weight capacity and an easy modular system. Choose from our inspiring selection of basic modules below or unleash your creativity and design your bookcase from scratch.

Tailor your bookcase to your preferences!

Effortlessly create your perfect bookcase using our cabinet configurator. Customize the dimensions, components, and colors to suit your style.

Start with a sample design below and make it uniquely yours!

Basic bookcase module

Basic bookcase 208 high – 84 wide – 30 deep

Basic bookcase module 2 elements

Bookcase without back panels 228 high – 164 wide – 30 deep

Basic bookcase module 3 elements

Large bookcase with back panels 248 high – 285 wide – 30 deep

Bookcase doors and bookcase ladder

Bookcase with doors at the lower section and a bookcase ladder 208 high – 205 wide – 30 deep

Design your dream cabinet

Bring your ideal Lundia cabinet to life in a few simple steps. The possibilities are endless! It’s easy, customized, and available for direct ordering!

Bookcase Modules

Every great storage solution starts with a solid foundation. Explore our range of Original modules.

Bookcase modules available for direct ordering!

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Endless Possibilities

Whether you need a compact office bookcase or a cabinet to house your entire home library, Lundia bookcases offer the perfect solution for you.

Choose one of our Lundia Original basic cabinets and personalize it with your choice of 20 colors. Looking to design your bookcase from scratch? Head to our configurator. If you’re seeking a custom-made cabinet that seamlessly fits your home, explore our range of options.

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Invest in a Lundia bookcase for a lifetime of quality.