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Lundia Original - Timeless and Modern

Lundia is built on a foundation of solid hardwood with the FSC label, ensuring quality and sustainability for over 70 years. Our advanced storage system offers endless possibilities.

With our easy-to-assemble modular system, you have the freedom to customize and expand your cabinet according to your preferences. It grows with you throughout your lifetime, adapting to your changing needs.

Add a personal touch to your cabinet with our classic components like stairs, doors, or drawers. You can also explore new modern accessories for a fresh and contemporary twist.

From exquisite bookcases to functional wardrobes, Lundia Original offers a comprehensive collection of storage solutions. Discover the perfect piece to enhance your space.

Design your dream cabinet

Bring your ideal Lundia cabinet to life in a few simple steps. The possibilities are endless! It’s easy, customized, and available for direct ordering!

Most popular Lundia components

Back in Stock - The Lundia Drawer block

After a long wait, the Lundia drawer block is finally back! Available in multiple sizes, suitable for cabinets with a depth of 30 or 40 cm. Seamlessly integrate them into your trusted Lundia system.

Design Your Dream Cabinet

In just a few simple steps, design your ideal Lundia cabinet. Our user-friendly configurator allows you to customize dimensions, select from a variety of colors, and choose the components that suit your style.

Visit Our Showroom for Inspiration

Immerse yourself in the endless possibilities of colors, cabinets, and storage solutions. Experience firsthand the quality craftsmanship and design options in our Lundia Showroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

From bookcases to wardrobes and from wall units to desk cabinets, the Lundia Original system offers limitless possibilities for creating your ideal cabinet. With a wide range of components that have been developed over the years, you have the freedom to customize, expand, and enhance your Lundia Original cabinet.


If you already own a Lundia Original cabinet, you’ll be pleased to know that new parts seamlessly integrate with your existing setup. Feel free to add new components, tailor the cabinet to your needs, or expand its functionality.


In addition to the Lundia Original range, we also offer bespoke Lundia sliding door cabinets. These cabinets are meticulously crafted to your specifications. You can easily design your own sliding door cabinet or seek guidance from our expert advisor during an online consultation.


Lundia Original cabinets are meticulously constructed using FSC-certified solid wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. Our production adheres to rigorous environmental and social standards, ensuring a sustainable and responsible choice.

Learn more about our production process by visiting our dedicated page.


Our cabinets are renowned for their exceptional durability, surpassing a lifetime of use. A Lundia Original cabinet is engineered to withstand any load you place on its shelves, without warping or compromising its integrity*. These cabinets are built to endure for generations, reflecting our commitment to longevity and quality. That’s why we proudly declare, “Lundia grows with you!”

Discover more about Lundia’s philosophy and heritage on our dedicated page.


*Please note that shelves with a width of 120 cm are an exception to this.

At Lundia Original, we have unwavering confidence in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on the construction of our cabinets when used under normal conditions. However, please be aware that this guarantee does not cover damages caused by user negligence or mishandling. For Lundia sliding door cabinets, we provide a 15-year warranty.

Delivery times are contingent on the color variant you select. Regular orders in the clear lacquer finish have a standard delivery time of 2 weeks. Opting for a specific color extends the production period to 6-8 weeks. Presently, regular drawers, doors, and components with a depth of 50/60 cm also require 6-8 weeks for delivery. For sliding door cabinets, please anticipate a maximum delivery time of 4 weeks.

For comprehensive details regarding shipping and delivery times, please consult our dedicated page.

Although we strive for seamless order fulfillment, occasionally circumstances may arise that cause deviations from the expected delivery schedule. In such instances, we assure you that we will promptly contact you by phone to address any concerns and provide updates on your order’s status.

Design Your Own Dream Cabinet Easily!

Our Lundia configurator empowers you to bring your dream cabinet to life.

Select your preferred dimensions, colors, and components.

Visualize your design in 3D and make adjustments as needed. Save or share your creation with ease.

Solid wood with FSC quality mark
Lundia cabinets are made of solid hard wood.

Several parts
Thanks to a wide range of parts, Lundia is suitable for any type of cabinet.

Modular System
Lundia cabinets can be adjusted and expanded at any time.